Azure E2E tests

Azure E2E tests guidance.


Here provides some E2E tests only specific to Azure provider.


Deploy a Kubernetes cluster with Azure CCM

Refer step 1-3 in e2e-tests for deploying the Kubernetes cluster.

Setup Azure credentials

export AZURE_TENANT_ID=<tenant-id>               # the tenant ID
export AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_ID=<subscription-id>           # the subscription ID
export AZURE_CLIENT_ID=<service-principal-id>        # the service principal ID
export AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET=<service-principal-secret>   # the service principal secret
export AZURE_ENVIRONMENT=<AzurePublicCloud>     # the cloud environment (optional, default is AzurePublicCloud)
export AZURE_LOCATION=<location>                # the location
export AZURE_LOADBALANCER_SKU=<loadbalancer-sku> # the sku of load balancer (optional, default is basic)


  • Locate your kubeconfig and set it as env variable export KUBECONFIG=<kubeconfig> or cp <kubeconfig> ~/.kube/config

  • Test it via kubectl version

Run Test

Have installed ginkgo

  • Run ginkgo ./tests/e2e/

    For more usage of ginkgo, please follow ginkgo

Without ginkgo

  • Run go test ./tests/e2e/ -timeout 0

After a long time test, a JUnit report will be generated in a directory named by the cluster name