Image building

Image building.

multi-arch image

Currently, only Linux multi-arch cloud-node-manager image is supported as a result of customer requests and windows limitations. Supported Linux archs are defined by ALL_ARCH.linux in Makefile, and Windows os versions are by

Windows multi-arch image limitation

Images nanoserver and servercore are referenced to build a Windows image, but as current officially published servercore images does not support non-amd64 image, and only Windows server 1809 has the support of non-amd64 for nanoserver, amd64 is the only supported arch for a range of Windows OS version so far. This issue is tracked here

hand-on examples

To build and publish the multi-arch image for node manager

IMAGE_REGISTRY=<registry> make build-all-node-images
IMAGE_REGISTRY=<registry> make push-multi-arch-node-manager-image

To build a specific Linux arch image for node manager

IMAGE_REGISTRY=<registry> ARCH=amd64 make build-node-image-linux

To build specific Windows OS and arch image for node manager

IMAGE_REGISTRY=<registry> OUTPUT_TYPE=registry ARCH=amd64 WINDOWS_OSVERSION=1809 build-node-image-windows

The OUTPUT_TYPE registry here means the built image will be published to the registry, this is necessary to build a Windows image from a Linux working environment. An alternative is to export the image tarball to a local destination, like OUTPUT_TYPE=docker,dest=dstdir/azure-cloud-node-manager.tar. For more info about docker buildx output type, please check out here

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