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TargetGroupBinding is a custom resource (CR) that can expose your pods using an existing ALB TargetGroup or NLB TargetGroup.

This will allow you to provision the load balancer infrastructure completely outside of Kubernetes but still manage the targets with Kubernetes Service.

usage to support Ingress and Service

The AWS LoadBalancer controller internally used TargetGroupBinding to support the functionality for Ingress and Service resource as well. It automatically creates TargetGroupBinding in the same namespace of the Service used.

You can view all TargetGroupBindings in a namespace by kubectl get targetgroupbindings -n <your-namespace> -o wide


TargetGroupBinding CR supports TargetGroups of either instance or ip TargetType.

If TargetType is not explicitly specified, a mutating webhook will automatically call AWS API to find the TargetType for your TargetGroup and set it to correct value.

Sample YAML

kind: TargetGroupBinding
  name: my-tgb
    name: awesome-service # route traffic to the awesome-service
    port: 80
  targetGroupARN: <arn-to-targetGroup>


See the reference for TargetGroupBinding CR