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A registry persists metadata pertaining to DNS records.

The most important metadata is the owning external-dns deployment.
This is specified using the --txt-owner-id flag, specifying a value unique to the
deployment of external-dns and which doesn’t change for the lifetime of the deployment.
Deployments in different clusters but sharing a DNS zone need to use different owner IDs.

The registry implementation is specified using the --registry flag.

Supported registries

  • txt (default) - Stores metadata in TXT records in the same provider.
  • dynamodb - Stores metadata in an AWS DynamoDB table.
  • noop - Passes metadata directly to the provider. For most providers, this means the metadata is not persisted.
  • aws-sd - Stores metadata in AWS Service Discovery. Only usable with the aws-sd provider.

Last update: May 28, 2023
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