Deploymenet with Kustomize

Table of contents

  1. Overlays
    1. Master-worker pod
    2. Worker one-shot
    3. Master Worker Topologyupdater
    4. Topologyupdater
  2. Uninstallation

Kustomize provides easy deployment of NFD. Customization of the deployment is done by maintaining declarative overlays on top of the base overlays in NFD.

To follow the deployment instructions here, kubectl v1.21 or later is required.

The kustomize overlays provided in the repo can be used directly:

kubectl apply -k

This will required RBAC rules and deploy nfd-master (as a deployment) and nfd-worker (as daemonset) in the node-feature-discovery namespace.

NOTE: nfd-topology-updater is not deployed as part of the default overlay. Please refer to the Master Worker Topologyupdater and Topologyupdater below.

Alternatively you can clone the repository and customize the deployment by creating your own overlays. For example, to deploy the minimal image. See kustomize for more information about managing deployment configurations.


The NFD repository hosts a set of overlays for different usages and deployment scenarios under deployment/overlays

Master-worker pod

You can also run nfd-master and nfd-worker inside the same pod

kubectl apply -k

This creates a DaemonSet that runs nfd-worker and nfd-master in the same Pod. In this case no nfd-master is run on the master node(s), but, the worker nodes are able to label themselves which may be desirable e.g. in single-node setups.

NOTE: nfd-topology-updater is not deployed by the default-combined overlay. To enable nfd-topology-updater in this scenario,the users must customize the deployment themselves.

Worker one-shot

Feature discovery can alternatively be configured as a one-shot job. The default-job overlay may be used to achieve this:

NUM_NODES=$(kubectl get no -o jsonpath='{.items[*]}' | wc -w)
kubectl kustomize | \
    sed s"/NUM_NODES/$NUM_NODES/" | \
    kubectl apply -f -

The example above launches as many jobs as there are non-master nodes. Note that this approach does not guarantee running once on every node. For example, tainted, non-ready nodes or some other reasons in Job scheduling may cause some node(s) will run extra job instance(s) to satisfy the request.

Master Worker Topologyupdater

NFD-Master, nfd-worker and nfd-topology-updater can be configured to be deployed as separate pods. The master-worker-topologyupdater overlay may be used to achieve this:

kubectl apply -k


In order to deploy just nfd-topology-updater (without nfd-master and nfd-worker) use the topologyupdater overlay:

kubectl apply -k

NFD-Topology-Updater can be configured along with the default overlay (which deploys nfd-worker and nfd-master) where all the software components are deployed as separate pods;

kubectl apply -k
kubectl apply -k


Simplest way is to invoke kubectl delete on the overlay that was used for deployment. Beware that this will also delete the namespace that NFD is running in. For example, in case the default overlay from the repo was used:

kubectl delete -k

Alternatively you can delete create objects one-by-one, depending on the type of deployment, for example:

kubectl -n $NFD_NS delete ds nfd-worker
kubectl -n $NFD_NS delete deploy nfd-master
kubectl -n $NFD_NS delete svc nfd-master
kubectl -n $NFD_NS delete sa nfd-master
kubectl delete clusterrole nfd-master
kubectl delete clusterrolebinding nfd-master