Node Feature Discovery

Welcome to Node Feature Discovery – a Kubernetes add-on for detecting hardware features and system configuration!

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  • Introduction for more details on the project.

  • Quick start for quick step-by-step instructions on how to get NFD running on your cluster.

Quick-start – the short-short version

$ kubectl apply -k
  namespace/node-feature-discovery created
  serviceaccount/nfd-master created created created
  configmap/nfd-worker-conf created
  service/nfd-master created
  deployment.apps/nfd-master created
  daemonset.apps/nfd-worker created

$ kubectl -n node-feature-discovery get all
  NAME                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
  pod/nfd-master-555458dbbc-sxg6w   1/1     Running   0          56s
  pod/nfd-worker-mjg9f              1/1     Running   0          17s

$ kubectl get nodes -o json | jq .items[].metadata.labels
    "": "amd64",
    "": "linux",
    "": "true",
    "": "true",