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Download this repo locally

$ go get -d
$ cd $GOPATH/src/

Build the binary and container with the Makefile

$ make clean; make

Verify the local container is known to your Docker daemon

$ docker images | grep -i alb-ingress-controller   1.0-beta.4         78f356144e33        20 minutes ago      47.4MB

Version can vary based on what's in the Makefile. If you wish to push to your own repo for testing, you can change the version and repo details in the Makefile then do a docker push.

Running locally

If you'd like to make modifications and run this controller locally for the purpose of debugging, the following script can be used a basis for how to bootstrap the controller. It assumes you have a default kubeconfig for your cluster at ~/.kube/config.


KUBECTL_PROXY_PID=$(pgrep -fx "kubectl proxy")

if [[ -z $KUBECTL_PROXY_PID ]]
    echo "kubectl proxy was not running. Starting it."
    echo "Found kubectl proxy is running. Killing it. Starting it."
kubectl proxy &>/dev/null &

kubectl apply -f ./examples/echoservice/echoserver-namespace.yaml
kubectl apply -f ./examples/echoservice/echoserver-deployment.yaml
kubectl apply -f ./examples/echoservice/echoserver-service.yaml
kubectl apply -f ./examples/echoservice/echoserver-ingress.yaml
$ make server

Or on MacOS

$ OS=darwin make server
$ AWS_REGION=us-west-2 POD_NAME=alb-ingress-controller POD_NAMESPACE=kube-system go run cmd/main.go --apiserver-host=http://localhost:8001 --cluster-name=devcluster